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03-21-2013, 01:39 PM
It's closing time.
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Is this our time to take the next step?

Over the last week I have heard interviews with Ladd, Wheeler, Bogosian to name just three and something has changed that goes beyond the vibe and feel of a team riding a hot streak IMO.

Last year and even earlier this season there did not seem to be an inner team confidence and this is hard to explain so stick with me. In the past in interviews I would often detect frustration about collective buy in and a lack of team confidence. Now I can hear a big difference and it seems to reflect that the team has finally all bought in and believe in the system. I keep hearing the guys speak with confidence about playing their game and nothing else matter and mentioning that everyone is buying in now and it feels authentic when they say it not just cheesy hockey sound bite cliches? I also heard Bogosian mention this is his 5th year in the league and he is fed up with missing the playoffs and he didn't say it in a defeatist way at all, he said it in a way that indicated things were going to be different this year. Then Hainsey mentioning last weeks Toronto and Ranger games were the best he has seen this team play since he has been with the organization....etc.....etc

Has anyone else noticed this pattern?

So is this just a hot streak driven by our goalie that could come to an end at any moment (Jan 2012), or has this group of players started to turn a corner? Are the young guys beginning the maturation process where they now legitimately believe in each other , buy in, and are tough enough to absorb a loss here and there without crumbling?

What are your thoughts?

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