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Originally Posted by cbcwpg View Post
Funny. If I say "it's a fact" in a forum I get called out on it and have to supply links to those facts etc., yet I can call myself a "hockey writer" and put whatever I want in a blog.
Well, welcome the 21st Century cbc. Everyone & anyone can be a Website Warrior, set up a site or blog, spiel on about just anything they please without peer review, requirements to substantiate claims, going unchallenged.... thats the nice thing about this place, hf, Moderated appropriately, Bull$#!& called. Id rather be engaging in & engaged with other like minded individuals who are objective & honest about things any day of the week. Comparatively speaking, this particular thread quite literally light years beyond any other "source" per se', including traditional & on-line fully accredited media, other chat boards, whatevers appearing in the blogosphere.

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