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Originally Posted by dustrock View Post
So now we're not considering Babcock as a replacement coach because he had Lidstrom? He's won a Cup, gone to 2 other finals, won Olympic gold.
I hate to break it to you, but whether "we" consider Babcock or "we" don't, means very little. The organization/team doesn't operate on the finicky, fickle, and all-too-often bi-polar, opinions its fans. Imagine if it did... perhaps they should erect a polling station outside of Rexall, and the majority rules. If better than 50% of the people polled decide to move a player or replace a coach or the GM, it happens. It would be fun, but utter chaos.

And I am including myself in these "fans"; and while it probably appears that I am being critical of people on this board, I am not really... its merely an observation, not a criticism. Heck, if I were to write a definition of a true fan, I would probably include such adjectives as fickle, finicky, and bi-polar.

The players seem to like Krueger, as does the organization. I doubt Krueger is going anywhere unless there is something happening behind the scenes that we don't know of.

Should 'our' organization/GM be considering Babcock? They would be negligent if they didn't at least consider the idea... would it be a wise move to replace a coach already? As good as Babcock is, I am not sure it would be. Changing the bench boss this early into his tenure would, in my ever-so-humble opinion, be a huge mistake for a great many reasons.

Babcock as a GM... now that might be an idea.

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