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03-21-2013, 02:42 PM
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I'd like to see the Mets start with an outfield of Duda-Den Dekker-Valdespin.

Den Dekker is going to be pretty bad offensively. I'd be thrilled if he can post an OPS of .650. However his defense is Gold Glove-caliber out there. He'll save more runs defensively that he'll cost us offensively. Which is the opposite of Duda--unless he becomes a consistent performer offensively, the damage he does in defensively will net him a negative overall rating.

Valdespin is interesting. His defense should be at least average, even though he's just learning to play the outfield. If his pitch recognition continues to develop, he could be a nice offensive player, something the Mets desperately need.

1. Valdespin RF
2. Murphy 2B
3. Wright 3B
4. Davis 1B
5. Duda LF
6. Buck C
7. Tejada SS
8. Den Dekker CF

Bench: Turner, Recker, Lutz, Cowgill, Byrd, Baxter

Niese SP
Marcum SP
Harvey SP
Gee SP
Santana SP or McHugh/Hefner SP or long man

Burke RP
Edgin RP
Familia RP
Lyon SU
Francisco SU
Parnell CP

If that was the lineup for most of the season, and Valdespin and Duda perform, you could have an average offense, average pitching and an average-ish defense. I everything breaks right they could challenge for .500. More likely, they're a 70-win squad.

A lot depends on if Harvey is the real deal and whether Wheeler and D'Arnaud make contributions this season.


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