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03-21-2013, 02:47 PM
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Originally Posted by Brodie View Post
these are all too anecdotal to count for anything... there's too much of a risk for confirmation bias. It's not surprising that a bunch of hockey fans believed the hockey team was most popular in a certain period of time... I can guarantee we wouldn't get the same result on other sports boards.
although i do believe the boys here, u are right in a way. if you went to a strictly NFL, and MLB forum and spoke to a guy from boston and a guy from chicago who love bears and red sox, who don't like hockey at all and never watched 1 game, and asked them, which were the no 1 sports in those cities in those glory days, hockey wouldn't even be mentioned in the top 5. everyone you ask will have a diff opinion. depends what they are into. but i do believe our boys here, because they follow all sports and have lived those days.

Here's a fact that probably no one would believe.. I am from montreal where hockey is KING.. it's bigger than life here. the habs are is a major religion here in MTL.. but here it is....

from 1980 till 1994.. Hockey was the no 2 most popular sport in Montreal, behind baseball. that's right, from 80 to 94, the expos were the talk of town before the habs. baseball was indeed the no 1 sport in montreal, ahead of hockey. No one can ever say mtl is not a baseball town, despite us losing our team. and during that time, we never won a world series, nor went to a world series. we were basically a .500 team throughout. Imagine had we been a dynasty??

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