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Originally Posted by habfaninvictoria View Post
Everyone is chasing the same free agents. That means the asking price is high. I don't think anyone, MB included thought we'd be in this position to be buyers. We can dangle a few bobbles but to get Clowe the Sharks will want too much and not just our castoffs. We're in a position of strength as well because we have NHL Ready prospects like Weber and Pateryn that won't likely get a real chance here for a couple years.

So who is expendable and attractive from the lineup.

Moen... I like him but he's replaced in our lineup when Bourque returns. He'd do well in SJ.
Kaberle.... Captain Obvious here.
Gionta.... Love him, but who else you gonna move in our top 9 to make room.What prospects are we willing to move that are attractive enough.
We're deep at d... maybe Morgan Ellis or Pateryn.
Louis Leblanc might be good bait too. I don't think he'll ever get a real shot here.

For Clowe I'd give up one Roster player and 2 prospects. or a roster player 1 prospect and a 2nd rounder.


You dump Ryder before you dump Gionta. Gionta brings a work ethic, a desire to win, the necessary leadership qualities, and enough point production to make Ryder the more expendable of the two.

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