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Originally Posted by roffleburger View Post
As someone who is in his third season of organizing and running a team, let me tell you what works.

1. Scheduled payments

The average season (per player) here costs about $450, so I break it down into payments for people. For summer season, which starts mid-April, I break it down to easy to manage and easy to afford payments:

February 20 - $50 (the initial deposit which signifies commitment to the team)
March 18 - $140
April 19 - $160
May 17 - $100

As we're in the middle of the season now and most of the guys are returning, I just have them bring it to a game or meet up with me. Keep in mind that, as the organizer, there will be times that you have to remind/chase after people for money, it's just part of running a team. I usually circumvent this by offering people places to meet me (ie near my work/home) or meeting them if I'm in the neighborhood. Giving people the option to pay me in cash or via email money transfer helps as well.

On a side note, alot of players feel that a goalie shouldn't be charged...well pretty much all the time, which is something I disagree with. I charge my goalie $100 a season usually, because when someone makes a financial commitment to the team, he/she usually has a larger incentive to actually show up and play well. You may disagree but everyone runs their team differently, I find that it's worked really well for my team.

6. Scheduling / Games / Attendance

I tried a Facebook group, worked decent, but alot of people aren't Facebook-savvy. I found that my system of just mass texting my entire team a few days before game time with something like this: "Next game Monday, March 25 @ 8:00 pm at Local Hockey Rink Goes Here, please confirm attendance" works really well, and 95% of the time, people respond within a reasonable time frame and it helps me figure out the spare situation in case someone can't make it.

The teams that run the best always follow exactly what roffleburger posted. I just wanted to jump in on these two points.

Goalies pay? I've heard of such mystical teams, but I've never been a part of one. I'm lucky enough to not pay on either one of my three teams and am thankful for it. And too be honest, unless I knew I really wanted to join the team (chance at playing higher div., etc.) I don't know If I would pay to play. But I'm spoiled.

This is something that has to be determined between the captain and goalie in question. As a more established team, this may be easier to get to. For a new, beginner team, it may be best to avoid this off the bat.

As for scheduling, the mass text does wonders. Always has worked for the teams I played for.

Another team I play on uses teamsnap that has the ability for players to sign in whether they are attending or not as well as it sends out a mass email a few days prior as a reminder about the game and time.

It all depends on the organizer and their teams receptiveness for their ways.

Try different ways, bounce ideas off of the rest of the team, find what works best for the team in question.

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