Thread: TSN 1260: What's going on? Part 3
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03-21-2013, 04:07 PM
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Originally Posted by Truth Movement View Post
Well now this is just silly. You don't like my point of view so you resort to "look at this phony intellectual with his purty mouth" grandstanding? Just because I said "Saw him good = hypothesis, stats = thesis," it doesn't automatically mean I'm tap-dancing over an unfounded argument. Here's how it works:
"Boy, that guy really looks like a good player out there. Oh look, his underlying fancy stats (Corsi, Fenwick, shots, WOWY, +/-) are also very impressive. Therefore, he is a good player."
Bunk is bunk. Corsi, fenwick, PDO, etc is just that. Not fit for rational consumption. A hammer made out of feathers, while looking impressive and given a fancy name like Quill Mallet is impressive to some perhaps, but in the end is utterly useless.

Sure, but then what does that say about your opinion? Or mine. Well, actually, by your thinking, my thinking is more legitimate than yours seeing as how I'm a journalist with MSM hockey writing credentials.
While I am those things, I don't believe that my opinion is more valid than yours and neither do you. The same rule applies for Mark Spector. Sure, he's a real live journalist, but that doesn't give his opnion any more cache than mine or yours or Lowetide's.
You were the one bashing Spector, while at the same time heaping praise on Lowetide. Not me. I took issue with your (imo) misleading characterization of Spector's position on Paajarvi (what was the date of those tweets btw?), along with your characterization of Lowetide as the "best" Oilerblogger/radio guy/whatever. Neither were particularly truthful which is ironic considering your pseudonym.

Im sure Spector would be amused/impressed to see a real live journalist slagging him from behind a facade.

OK OK. Lowetide has said positive things about Horcoff during times when the Edmonton faithful saw him good enough to want to run him out of town. You don't like Horcoff (obviously, since you keep bringing him up). You don't like fancy stats Nancy boys like Lowetide (a nobody). Spector, who I do find eminently listenable, is your guy. That's cool. I think he frequently comes off as ill-informed or like he's simply not paying attention. Then again, what do I know. I thought MPS was a legitimate hockey player last season and I think Horcoff is still integral to this team. I'm the crazy one.
Do you have any examples of this in your "posting history"?

You are making assumptions. I like Horcoff. I liked Horcoff when he broke into the league. I like what he brings to the table in his role now. What I always took issue with were the feeble attempts to portray him as something he was not and the arrogance displayed towards those who were not "enlightened".

I do not dislike Lowetide. I think he has a real knack for writing. I rarely agree with his opinions. To each their own.

Spector is pretty good overall. Much better than the infomercial down the dial.

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