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03-21-2013, 03:14 PM
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Originally Posted by Bluesoma View Post
What I find strange is everyone wanting Fraser to come up but complain that they're rushing on Oleksiak (maybe even Smith).

Honestly, I don't see a problem with Fraser staying down. If he goes up, where is he going to go? Bottom 6 minutes? Then you face the same problem you have with Reilly Smith.

Let the kid finish out on a high note in the AHL, bring down Smith to get his confidence back, Oleksiak too. Wait til the old guys are finally out in the offseason and get an actual offseason practice/training schedule.

If we're going to basically wipe out this season, no reason to bring guys up just to have them get crushed mentally.
Well I was fine with Oleksiak getting a shot because he was dominating the AHL. But he's shown he's not quite ready for the NHL. He's in that in between stage where he's too good for the AHL and not good enough for the NHL. Basically a 10 game showing to see what he needs to improve on and then the rest of the year in the AHL would be perfect for him.

Fraser meanwhile has shown he can dominate at the AHL level, but we haven't seen what he can do at the NHL level yet. He very well be not ready as well, but unlike Oleksiask, we haven't had the opportunity to see that.

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