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03-21-2013, 03:26 PM
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I remember suggesting to move him to another position and i got some crap for it.. at this point i think we will regret this pick... not that he cannot become a good player but because we arent playing him elsewhere.. he reminds me of a powerforward that plays north south only without good stickhandling, good heavy shooting,great physical presence but... doesnt
fit with our offensive style... wich plays a more pass and go game. he should play the position that either arnaud plays now or warner... thats were i would see him and really be out there for the headers in corners and such... a wall you cannot cross and that can distribute and shot occasionally with some authority.

Anyway thats just my opinion. I would have picked mattocks no doubt... any great player will leave eventually anyways.. if felipe is amazing he is gone... if wenger is amazing he could leave too... so why mattocks would be any different.. because he could be a mls star? Anyways. Still hoping we do somwthing out of him cause its not looking like a smart pick so far.. he was really marsch pick. The American boy.

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