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Originally Posted by EbencoyE View Post
I wouldn't say head and shoulders better, they only beat Hungary 4-3 in 2009 which was the last time they played I believe.
On a goal 13 seconds before the end of the 3rd period no less. Though they best moment against Slovakia was when they actually defeated a Slovak team at a tournament, I'm not sure which year it was, but I think it was an U23 Slovak team. That said, I think that anybody who has a bit of sense in them recognises that that one game says about as much of the comparissone of level of hockey in the two country as Slovakia's win over Canada at WC last year speaks about the difference between the level of hockey in Slovakia and Canada.

As for Slovakia, its Hungarian minority and Hungary it is an issue that I believe doesnt belong here, because it is mainly a political issue and its not a sports issue (asides from football). There are lots of ethnic Hungarian sportsmen representing Slovakia in all sorts of events and its not a problem for almost anyone. I already mentioned the kind of cooperation that exits between the two countries in hockey, for a sport in which Hungary is the most advanced look for handball where a significant part of the Slovak national team usually plays in the Hungarian league and he top Slovak team has uncompetitively played in the Hungarian league. If there is any kind of sports rivalry between the two countries in team sports, you'd easier find it in handball, though once again one team is on a higher level than the other (this time Hungary).

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