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03-21-2013, 03:44 PM
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Originally Posted by PAZ View Post
The Jet's aren't set at center at all. Maybe in the future if Burmi develops properly.
But... Jokinen?

Originally Posted by winterpeg View Post
Definite interest in Stafford, but not at the cost of Burmistrov. I think our organizations mold is one that wont move out a player with that potential at his age, except for someone else who is also pretty young, because our teams real potential lies 2 - 4 years away...
Maybe in a few years, but I think they'd like to see if he does reach his theoretical upside.

Burmi is probably obtainable at a reasonable price, and we're interested in Stafford, but I don't think the deal to be had is really around those two guys. If Burmi goes it's gotta be a young guy coming back. I think. (Not that stafford is old, but a guy who still has some upside, I should say, or will be at his best in a few years, not now)
This. They're not selling the future to win this year, everything at this point is for the longterm benefit.

I also don't see them selling Burmistrov low - if they don't get top-10 value for him, which I believe he still has given his potential, they might as well hold on to him. If anyone is looking at Burmistrov's offensive stats and the fact it's his third year in the league as a sign that he's a bust, they're missing the fact that he was clearly rushed by Atlanta and has developed some bad habits as a result, as well as the fact that most other top-10 picks from that year haven't done anything in the NHL yet either. Given the progress the Jets coaching staff has made with Buff and Bogo (which might just be limited to defensemen and Huddy's a genius, I don't know), I think they'll get his offensive play straightened out.

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