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03-21-2013, 04:22 PM
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Originally Posted by MVW View Post
There isn't a professional in the hockey world that would consider Crawford an upgrade over Kipper (despite this season's play). Kipper's past accomplishments, his big save and stealing game ability, all far surpass anything that Crawford is capable of. The fact that Emery has started in 14 games this year should be telling in itself, the Hawks success is a product of great team effort, not Crawford.

Crawford has played more games than Kipper. And before you say it's becuase Kipper was injured, so was Crawford.

Chicago is not going to empty it's propsect pools to get Kipper, when his cap hit will handicap them next year.

Especially when Kipper has plyed poorly this year.

The Hawks won 3 years ago because of a team effort. Why would you think they believe an upgrade in goalie is required now? Especially at the cost of losing players next year.

The Hawks obvioulsy thought they were wiling to ride with Crawford this year. Now that he has rewarded them, you think they'll dump him now?

The past is past. This year's playoffs are being played in the present.

You can argue all you want about who is better right now. Let's assume that Kipper is a a marginal upgrade. The Hawks are not going to strap themselves to trade for Kipper today.

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