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03-21-2013, 04:22 PM
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Originally Posted by Rin View Post
He has not seen a second of OT since February 6th.

I did some digging earlier.

Jan 24- OTW- Yakupov with the GWG
Jan 30- OTW- Yakupov with the GWG
Feb 4- OTL- Jagr with the GWG while Yak was on the ice
Feb 6- OTL- Tanev with the GWG while Yak was on the ice

The next four games, Feb 25-March 20...not a single shift in OT. I'd like to see if he was directly responsible for the goals against or if it was just a fluke.

...we have only two OTW, both thanks to Yak and he gets benched in OT.
Jagrs goal was Whitney getting owned.
Tanevs goal was actually Eberles fault and if you watch the Oil Change documentarys you will see footage of Smid yelling at an Oiler after the game --it was Eberle. In that OT scenario Yak actually tried to cover 2 guys noticing the issue but eventually had to follow his check which left Tanev wide open.

No fault on Yaks for either of them.

ARGH dnicks beat me because i suck at this typing stuff.

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