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03-21-2013, 04:31 PM
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Let's be honest though.

The Sens are using Zibanejad who is thought of as a blue chipper (and he's been benched at times).

They made a good acquisition in getting Turris with certainly helps.

Wiercioch was drafted 5 years ago..we aren't talking about a guy who was recently drafted and is stepping in. He's stepping in when he should be...perhaps even a little later.

The guys they are drawing from like Condra, Greening and Smith are also in their mid-20s (25-27 years old). They are tweener type players on some teams.

Silferberg looks like a gem to me and if the draft were held again there is no way he goes as low as 39th.

In short they are having guys drafted 5+ years ago who have developed professionally and even if not the best players have the experience to contribute on at least a short term basis.

I'm not one to get on AV for development. I think he does a good job in that department. However, I don't like many of his coaching decisions and this is what it comes down to. In the NHL having a roster of tweeners can be competitive if they buy into the system AND the system is the right one for the roster. Don't square peg-round hole things.

I think AV looks at the lineup and says "wow I'm missing my second line so the only way we can win is to play dump and change hockey and hope we bang in a puck or two while the goaltender stands on his head". instead he needs to look and say "well I'm missing the second line which sucks but the guys in our organization have all been developed to play a fast paced, quick puck movement brand of hockey so that is what we are going to continue doing." The first and third period of the Blues game reflects the first game plan and the second period reflects the second game plan.

Still, I don't think we talk about any of this if the goaltending was at all up to par this season which it hasn;t been.

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