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03-21-2013, 04:40 PM
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Originally Posted by bcv View Post
How can someone miss his flight?
Originally Posted by SB164 View Post
Praying for you bro.

I just bumped into some acquantences at the airport and they offered me tickets at face value for France vs Spain World Cup Qualifier in Paris... Like 300$ a ticket, I dunno if I should take 'em. Hmm... Pretty much once in a lifetime experience...

Originally Posted by Analyzer View Post
On a laptop ? Do you have a smart phone with unlimited data ? You can use your phone carriers wifi and create a hot spot to allow your lappy to connect and it should be able to stream the game.

Or everything I've read to make smart phones cool is a ****ing lie.

On a sidenote, waiting to get onto a grey hound I had a guy randomly come up to me and tell me he's drunk and has a bunch of alcohol in his bag. He asked if they're doing a bag search. Then asked if I could smuggle some alcohol on the bus for him.
The internet is far too slow on my phone plan, it's a company phone. I'm tethered already but it would probably explode trying to stream the game.

And your story about the drunk guy? I've done that already, like three times. Might've been me.

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