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03-21-2013, 04:51 PM
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Originally Posted by Rin View Post
This is a question I'd love to see Krueger have to answer.
The Tanev goal is kind of interesting because Smid has Henrik and Petry has the other Sedin as they go to the net. If everyone could do that play over again I am pretty sure Yaks leaves the low play to Smid and doesnt go as deep to the net in support.

I still think it was Eberle who created the problem and i still believe it is him that Smid rips in the room after the game. I am also pretyy positive Smid is glaring up the ice at Eberle after that goal while Dubnyk is saying something to Yaks (who tried to block the shot)

Because of the Oil Change post-game footage of a ballistic Smid i have often watched this replay to see if maybe it was Yaks who got cooked. I still think the issue is Eberle... Yaks might have come down too low and pprobably should have left that forward to Smid but that is hardly worth being spit on in a verbal tirade. I think Eberle leaving the zone and not supporting the puck battle --which was on his side FFS- is far worse.

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