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03-21-2013, 05:03 PM
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Originally Posted by Replacement View Post
Thank you for posting this.

Absolutely agreed. I'm seeing the most cynical of shots taken against Dubnyk. Guys specifically shooting from anywhere because they know theres a chance. Probably resisting laughter.

I'll reveal this as well. If I'm an NHL player anywhere I keep taking shots on Dubnyk. But switch it up as well. Bang one off the endboards that'll careen in front of the net. Dubs will **** his pants 9 times out of 10. Literally has no idea what to do with this situation. mainly due to him being inept at anticipating anything out of the ordinary, and being even worse trying to handle the puck to save the day.

Theres many things Roli could do in his sleep that Dubs will never likely do.

My take on Dubs is a player that has had endless quality coaching but which partially conceals that his decision making ability and thinking the game independently is poor. One sees a lot of technique, but not properly utilized. Not properly honed. I suspect its back to the drawing board often with this player.

I keep saying this. Watch Jonathon Quick, then watch Dubnyk play. Watch it in the same night. You'll see night and day.

For instance. Watch Quick with a puck around the net. He's confident and composed because he knows what to do in that situation and LEANS FORWARD to remove top shelf from a shooter. This is what somebody with brains does. Watch Dubs in the same situation. He sinks into the cage and makes himself small. No goalie coach in the world teaches that. Its all his wrong instincts.
Wow what a joke Dubnyk must be. The Oilers aren't being outshot because they are playing in their own end all the time, it's because other teams are shooting the puck from everywhere while laughing at how bad Dubnyk is. Doesn't sound made up at all.

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