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03-21-2013, 05:51 PM
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Originally Posted by bernmeister View Post
Too busy with real world stuff but if anybody wants to run with this idea AND DO IT PROPER IN A SEPARATE THREAD, by all means.

In the same way as there was consideration to get Redden and a few others moved up so we could apply that cap benefit and get roster flexibility sooner than later, and for whatever reason we could get the NHL and NHLPA to see eye to eye on that, my suggestion is a petition to both those parties in the CBA and see if we can't get one facet of it reversed.

The part about how certain players, because of when they were signed, are subject to severe cap recapture.

That is relevant to mention here (w/separate follow up on its own thread) because if that impediment is removed, presumably in the best interests of flexibility to both players and clubs, we could trade Richards almost immediately.
No chance of that happening. The cap-benefit recapture would reflect the Rangers kept their cap hit superficially low. The league fought long and hard to put it in the CBA. The Redden and Gomez situations affected no one negatively.

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