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03-21-2013, 06:55 PM
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What a great fight last Saturday.

You gotta love spring time for boxing. Looking ahead, I'm freakin' giddy looking at some of these fights coming up:

Rios vs. Alvorado 2- Holy ****. This is gonna be epic. I'm thinking about putting some money on Alvorado. He could have won the first fight if he boxed more; if he makes the adjustment and stays disciplined, he should pull it out. I just don't know if the urge to brawl will be too compelling for him...

Nonito Donaire vs. Guillermo Rigondeaux- Very intriguing fight. Two of the fastest hands in the sport collide. I think this one might underwhelm but it might also be incredible. Rigondeaux is very underrated though and there's a definite chance for an upset here. I wonder what the odds are gonna be.

Danny Garcia vs. Zab Judah- Should be a very entertaining fight for the first half until Judah fades and Garcia takes it over. This one is easy money though. Garcia's emerged as the type of guy that Judah couldn't beat in his prime, let alone now. Should be a fun fight either way though.

Floyd Mayweather vs. Robert Guerrero- IMO this is the most intriguing Mayweather fight of the last decade, since he fought Castillo. Guerrero is one of the best technical fighters that Mayweather has ever fought, especially while being in their prime. He's smart, southpaw, tough as hell, he might present some real challenges to Floyd. Obviously you have to take Mayweather via decision, but I think this one might be a lot closer than people are expecting.

Saul Alvarez vs. Austin Trout- Alvarez is probably my favorite fighter in the sport right now, but I don't like this match up for him one bit. This one guarantees to be a great fight, like Cotto and Trout it should be a technical war. But I got a bad feeling that Trout will squeak out an upset like he did against Cotto. This is one that I wouldn't put a dime on, but I cannot ****ing wait to watch it.

Anyway, just looking at those fights, it's definitely a really hype couple of months in the sport of boxing. That **** blows GSP and Diaz outta the water. UFC isn't even close to boxing right now.

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