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03-21-2013, 06:08 PM
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Originally Posted by Hemskyfanboy83 View Post
People are always complaining about Yakupov, but I wonder if Krueger's treatment won't benefit him in the long run.

RNH and Eberle were treated with kid gloves, and everything was so easy for them. Not sure that was the best thing for them as they have seemed to stall this year. Hall was as well, but he is so driven so it is easy for him to motivate himself to improve.

By making things tough on Yakupov, hopefully he will be able to use his frustrations as motivation to improve. It seems to have worked for Gagner. He had a very tough road and seemed to have different line-mates every day. There were many frustrating moments but he just kept fighting through it and is now a core piece of this team.
I don't have a problem with Krueger managing Yakupov's minutes carefully or benching him after making a mistake to teach him a lesson but what good does it do to bench him after a great shift? That's where the criticism of Krueger's handling of him plays in. It's not like they were even protecting a lead, it was a tie game and Yakupov looked hungry to get a goal. Play the kid while he's hot. It was just odd to bench him after a shift like that.

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