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03-21-2013, 06:25 PM
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A couple of comments. The Bruins gve up Joe Colborne, a first-round draft pick in 2011 and a conditional draft pick in 2012 for a 33 year T. Kaberle, who was basically for insurance as a point man on the PP.

The Bruins have shown their commitment to winning and will pay dearly for players they think can get them over the hump and help them win the Cup. And with Kaberle it paid off.

If Chiarelli feels that Iggy would be a critical player to give the Bs their best shot at a Cup and Pittsburgh is not interested in competing with the Bruins for his services, they not only give up whatever Iggy could have brought to the Pens, but also allowed a team they could be fighting it out with to have the 'Iggy advantage'.

So you just aren't losing out on the player, you are also allowing him to go to a rival. That swing could make the difference in who wins the Conference. That imo, should be enough to prod Pitt into digging fairly deep, if they indeed feel Iggy could have that kind of impact.

Obviously you can't give up your entire future for a rental, but if you win with the player you traded for, the assets given up will soon be forgotten. No one in Bos. cares that the Kaberle deal was an overpayment.

Pitt is built to win now, and it is tough to keep your entire future and win the Cup as well. Especially when other teams are willing to risk more.

To Vancouver fans. Despite CS rankings, in retrospect Brendan Gaunce was a questionable 1st round pick. I doubt he has much upside beyond a checking center at the NHL level unless something changes.

Gaunce's game has taken a step backward this season and in a recent re-evaluation of the 2012 draft by NHL scouts, he didn't receive one vote that would put him in the top 50 picks of the draft. That puts him in the late 2nd or even third round if the draft was done over. He is Mark McNeill light.

Not the type of 1st round prospect Calgary needs more of. We already have Greg Nemisz.

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