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Originally Posted by Stewie Griffin View Post
No, it's worse. It would only be worse-worse if he was traded to the Oilers.

That said, some of the more mature fans would realize that its better to lose Iginla for something, than to risk losing him for nothing. If the best "something" comes from the Canucks, then so be it. Sure, a lot of us won't be actively cheering for Vancouver to win, but many of us would likely be pleased to see Iginla win a Stanley Cup regardless of who he is traded to. Even if it is with the Canucks - causing us to die a little inside.
I disagree.

If Iginla is traded to the Canucks, I will be actively cheering for it to be a huge failure and then have Iggy re-sign with Calgary in the off season. This would amount to Calgary taking Vancouver assets for nothing.

If Vancouver wins a cup with Iggy, it might be enough for me to cease being a Flames fan or stop watching hockey all together. It's that bad. It would represent a massive betrayal by Flames management. Getting a slightly better prospect from Vancouver is not worth it.

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