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08-04-2006, 02:44 PM
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I actually like Boston unless they are playing the habs as I routinely route for them to when they are playing against other teams. It's a whole other matter when they are playing with us in teh playoffs though...
Second, I had a few True bruins fans in my school and we had a lot of smacktalk going back and forth during the playoffs , it was all good...

Toronto I can never cheer for unless their win becomes beneficial to us for some reason. Something about their team bothers me to my very's not the players . I mean I like Peca and I think sundin and Kaberle are great players but Geesuz...their Logo makes me want to barf when I see it...especially when some random kid In montreal wears that retched jersey.

The city itself I don't care much about. I lived in toronto as a child and I don't really have any great memories from that place. All I remember is that it was Big...and empty. it's hard to explain, i've visited Toronto every few years and so and the sparseness of it all bores me...but it's not even close to the City of OTtawa for Borigness

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