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03-21-2013, 07:26 PM
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Originally Posted by Smokey McCanucks View Post
Man screw Doughty, he's a bigger whiner and a bigger diver than anybody on either Vancouver or Phoenix, it's just cause he plays in one of the league's special favourite markets nobody calls him out on it. Ever since he's been in the league he's played like an entitled little brat and I can't stand it. Somebody needs to really start talking up all the scuzzy stuff LA does, because they sure throw a lot of crap at other teams and do a lot of talking.

It's like they're trying to get out ahead of the thing and talk down other teams as a smokescreen to distract from all the lame, cheap, bogus stuff they do and have been getting away with for years, figuring like if they throw this stuff out there against other teams it covers for themselves. Well, it ain't fooling me! I am so on to these chumps.
There have been some weird and absurd claims in this thread...but the boldfaced takes the cake, I think

Care to elaborate?

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