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03-21-2013, 07:29 PM
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Originally Posted by TheHudlinator View Post
I am not trying to be a dick, I just don't think you are looking at it objectively, we are past the half way point of the season and Kipper has been one of the worse goalies in the league he doesn't hold a lot of value right now, no one cares what he did several years ago.
Kipper IMO is worth a 1st or a really good prospect all day. I'm not talking about 06' Kipper, I'm talking about the Kipper of last season where the only reason he didn't get a Vezina nomination was because of wins. Im talking the sole reason we didn't get a lotto pick just last season. I can't believe how easily people forget things from just a year ago. A goalie like a Kipper does not lose that skill in one season.

Kipper has had struggles this season, and he's had them in the past. He's renound for his resiliency and his ability to bounce back. Kipper has the ability to steal games and make saves he has no business making and he's played that way at times this season. I don't know what a GM will pay and neither do you, but I think most GMs in the NHL have the sense to acknowledge Kippers all world skill. If a GM feels that Kipper will give them the edge they need, then they will part with the appropriate assets. And the only reason I brought up those teams, is because I don't feel the goalie market is as dry as you do.

Anyways, you have your views and I have mine and they won't change either. I respect your opinion I just don't agree with it here.

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