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Originally Posted by CHRDANHUTCH View Post
I don't think you realize that no matter if/when there's a 2nd GTA Team, the fight to get that franchise any power, over MLSE is almost impossible, whether it can be blocked or not by either MLSE or Buffalo, without already splintering what fanbases already exist now, JMROWE, that's the ultimate question, no matter where it is awarded to, there hasn't been a consensus where without undue harm to either Buffalo or MLSE.
"Splinter" the fan bases of the Sabres or Leafs? In Hamilton & SW Ontario? What fans, of either team? People are likely to support Detroit, Chicago, Boston, Montreal as they are the Sabres or Leafs HUTCH. In 43 years Buffalo's played I think one game in Hamilton, actually Ancaster, and that was a league promotion, not something done by the organization. They dont broadcast into the area. They've never marketed themselves to the area. They dont care. The Sabres have a Seasons Ticket Waiting List, very very few holders from Hamilton. Buffalo "claiming" variously 10-14-17% of their ticket base is Canadian, which is fine, so prove their from Hamilton and NOT Niagara Falls, Niagara on the Lake, quick hop, skip & jump across the border. Burden of proof that harm will surely follow is on Buffalo... and as I believe, a Hamilton franchise would in fact be a huge boon for the Sabres. Close rival, bridge between Toronto, 3Way Rivalry. Richer for all.

Im assuming your also unaware of the dynamic that exists between Hamilton & Toronto and has for nearly 80yrs or more? Hamilton the butt of some seriously unflattering jokes by Torontonians. Looked down upon as a filthy, polluted, grimy, grim, crime ridden blue collar hick town of gap jawed in-breds. A post apocalyptic wasteland of long shuttered store-fronts & abandoned buildings that makes Detroit's inner city look like downtown Houston in comparison. The armpit of Canada... and thats being mild. No Siree Bob. In fact, you wander through the streets or head into a bar wearing a Leafs jersey in Hamilton, well, best be havin yer OHIP (Ontario Health Insurance Plan) paid up to date. Fortunately there are some excellent medical facilities nearby, Hamilton General, West Lincoln. McMaster if the damage is particularly bad. No love lost nor offered towards the Leafs in that area I can assure you. Hamiltonians arent going to drop $600 for a pair of tickets at the ACC to watch a game against the Panthers. If their Habs or Bruins fans they might, if they could even find any available.

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