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Originally Posted by LyricalLyricist View Post
This year is very limited. I'd rather take more than 1 single year.

Besides, I'm content with Et Le But's response:

Back to DA:

What I will bring up for sake of discussion is that people often bring up Desharnais offensive zone starts. Fair argument absolutely. I just have an issue with advanced stats or stats in general. I know they can be biased. For instance, on topic of faceoffs. Is a team more likely to put a better faceoff man in the defensive zone or in neutral zone? It's fairly obvious. One might then suggest Desharnais faces better faceoff competition. It would not be outside the realm of logic. Still, it's really not an issue in my mind. I'm just trying to show there's 2 sides to a coin. I don't think Eller>DD in faceoffs or vice versa. Thing is, someone claimed Eller was and I responded that usually DD won more and even then he's been under 50%.
There are good arguments for or against Desharnais, right now faceoffs are neither imo.

Even if DD is 2% better or inferior, which there is no reason to believe, the effect will already be accounted for by all his other stats.

For example, Crosby is at 55% in the circle, and produces 1.7 ppg. Those are not independent stats, one of them contributes to the other. I am therefore not sure what knowledge is gained by having FO as an additional stat to comment on.

Further, i think almost every player in the NHL with very few exceptions is between 48% and 52%, so that should not very the deciding factor. In the case where two players have equal faceoffs ability, most cases, the ranking on the depth chart should be based on skills where they differ.

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