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Originally Posted by Tinalera View Post
Have a heart, HF boards only have so much bandwith
... yes. Bandwidth. I always concerned with that when Moderating. None of my Heirs taking up the mantle. Going Green.
Kids. They just dont care these days. Leaving lights on all over the house. Having to drive to a store not 2 blocks away....

Originally Posted by Fugu View Post
We could probably handle it--
Reckless, irresponsible use of the quote function, replicating entire passages, like the kdb Megalink posts. Nearly a page long. Wasting Bandwidth while burning out the retinas of your audience. Like pointing one of those laser pens into the cockpit of an airplane. FAA, Homeland Security, Cops... Mods oughtta be on that $#*& like white on rice.

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