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12-23-2003, 06:27 PM
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Originally Posted by lowetide
Why? The Eagles look terrific, this past weekend aside. I know they lost home field, but it didn't exactly work for them last year. I remember when the Eagles had Roman Gabriel, Harold Carmichael and not much else. This team could win it all.

Ditto Flyers.

Phillies are loading up this winter too.

What else is there? College basketball? I don't know what colleges are near Philly, but in terms of pro sports the only team that is subpar is the 76ers and that's because Mr MVPEEEEEE has turned into Richie Allen.
This is about in the moment cathartic expression.

Sure the Eagles look good. Good enough to poop on. There are glaring deficiencies that show up a few times a season, and then in the playoffs. It's hard to root for a team that looks like a contender most of the year and then the big games come up and you wonder where the smoke and mirrors went. It's a human beings inalienable right to kvetch and we mean to use it.

Ditto Flyers, although they could easily turn this back around.

The expectations for the 76ers are lower and they do tend to overachieve so it's easier to take.

But thanks for caring.