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08-04-2006, 06:12 PM
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Edge you hit on the head. The Rangers don't have better options but they could get them. The Rangers could've spent the assets on Pronger or could've overpaid for Chara (I have read that did try to sign him and i've read they weren't close maybe you can help end that debate) They choose to improve other areas and I think in the end Ward and Rachuneck (who i'm not high on) will end up being better than Poti and Strudwick. Baranka was good in hartford at times last year but he isn't ready and I hope nobody expects him to be..

Liffiton could make us long for the days of Puriton. In the game thread somebody asked how he looked and I responded Peter Fiorintino..Now I have no memory of Fiorintinos 1 game as a Ranger but I'm sure in 92 people were hoping he praying he would get a shot with the Rangers. My point is if a kid is ready they will show it and beat out one of the vets for a spot. It isn't like our defenseman don't have any value on the trade market. (If Ken Klee can be traded for a good prospect I expect the same sort of return for one of Malik, Rozsival, Rachuneck)

It's a catch 22. Do you overspend for somebody or do you go with the quanity of quality approach (that works for the patriots in football) I don't know but i'm happy for the most part the rangers are being cautious and safe.

My question to the board is...

If Brian Leetch played 15 years in Chicago and was a free agent would you want the Rangers to dump 28 year old Rozsival for a 38 year old Leetch?

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