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12-23-2003, 06:32 PM
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Hey I don't mind talking about the positive as there was some in that game.

1- Bulis finally rewarded for his hard work. That might come as a surprise for some, but I would consider trading Zednik way before Bulis. Zednik has good value because the guy can score 30 goals a year, but Bulis is such a complete player. He might never get more than 20, and for that he will never be a 1st liner on a strong team, but his strong overall game (passing, scoring, speed, consistency in the effort and sound defensive game) will make him a very strong asset on the 2nd line or an invaluable asset come playoff time on a 3rd line used in tight checking situations. I had a dream: Bulis - Begin - Ward.

2- Ryder is still quietly improving, making better decisions with the puck and IMO, the best part about this guy is his underrated passing skills, not because he has great hands, but because he's very creative. I see an improvement in his game every game, little plays that might not be always noticed but are important to win games. Sure he makes rookie mistkes, but the reason he plays on that 1st line is he makes far less one would expect for a player adapting to a new pace and league, and the positive already far outweights the negative, which will only diminish as experience sets in.

3- Garon is still, despite 3 goals in 22 shots, showing he belongs in this league. Not only he shows he belongs, but also that he could possibly become a #1. That's great to have such depth.

4- Komisarek, despite some rookie mistakes, has taken a habit to show us every game why we picked that guy 7th overall and just why he's already beloved, even though his play is still far from any kind of dominance. Still, he at least makes one huge bone crushing hit a game that might have the forwards slow down in the future when they see him coming hard. Also, he's the best at coming back when he coughs it up. The guy works like crazy. If he makes a mistake, he works his ass off to repair it. And the difference between him and Bouillon or Rivet (well one of them at least), is he doesn't accumulate the mistakes. If he coughs it up, he usually then make the right play after. In other words, no panicking from him. Might be a bit hesitant at times, but that's going to go away when he has one full season played in this league and when he feels he's not just playing because Brisebois is injured.

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