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08-04-2006, 06:44 PM
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Hello Jukka,

This is all I know about the February 4, 1931 Austria-United States game in Krynica, Poland. U.S. goals: by Shefler (unassisted) and Elliott (assisted by Dagnino). Game account below:

The United States team from Boston defeated Austria by the smallest margin of 2 to 1 (1-0, 1-1, 0-0). The Austrian team played unexpectedly well toward the end of the game, while the Americans seemed to underestimate their opponents. The first goal of the U.S. was scored at 6:00 of the first period by Dwight Shefler in a mix-up with the Austrian goalie's assistance. The Austrians pressed hard, but their beautiful and precise long shots were successfully blocked by good work by U.S. goalie Ted Fraser. In the second period Ed Dagnino passed a fine diagonal shot which Robert Elliott sent into the Austrian net. The puck then traveled erratically over the rink until the 31:00 minute mark, when one of the Austrians' long shots passed the U.S. goalie Fraser into the American goal. All told, the Americans missed many opportunities to improve their score.

As for the Switzerland-U.S.A. 3:2 (0:2, 2:0, 1:0) game from February 8, 1939 at Basle, Switzerland. The U.S. goal scorers were: Allan Van and Art Bogue. Here is the game account:

The United States received its first setback in the world amateur championship, losing to Switzerland, 3-2. Two of Switzerland's goals were kicked into the net by American players, while the third Swiss goal was awarded by the referee because the goal net had been moved. The winning goal in this weird and strange match, played before 14,000 spectators, came at the 7:00 minute mark of the third period.
The Swiss forward, Charles Kessler, drove a long shot toward the American goal. At the same moment the goal net was bumped aside and, although the puck missed it,
the Polish referee Sachs, allowed the goal to count. The Americans, on the offensive from the start, scored twice in the first period. After George Quirk of Providence, R.I., had missed a good scoring chance, Allan Van of St. Paul, Minn., drove home the first goal in the 7th minute of play. Just 6 minutes later, Art Bogue of Detroit, Mich., made it 2-0 for the U.S. The first Swiss score came in the opening minute of the second period when Reto Delnon shot from the middle of the rink. However, the American defenceman Allan Van blocked the puck but accidentally kicked it into his own goal. Then 3 minutes later, American goalie Edward Maki of Marquette, Mich., blocked another long Swiss shot but he also inadvertently kicked the puck into his own net.

Jukka, I am missing the 1939 WC American goal scorers from their 4-0 win against Germany. Perhaps you might have these goal scorers? I have the USA goals from their other 8 games played.

USA-Italy 5:0
USA: Quirk (Bogue), Nicholson (Maley), Maley (unassisted), Van (unassisted), Nicholson (unassisted).

USA-Germany 4:0
USA: ?????????????????????????

USA-Finland 4:0
USA: Dondi (Maley), Bogue (unassisted), Quirk (Dondi), Maley (unassisted)

USA-Hungary 3:0
USA: Dondi (Nicholson), Bogue (Saari), Wagnild (unassisted)

Switzerland-USA 3:2
USA: Van, Bogue
SUI: C. Kessler, Delnon, ?????

USA-Poland 4:0
USA: Quirk (Nicholson), Quirk (unassisted), Bogue (Maley), Bogue (unassisted)

USA-Czechoslovakia 1:0
USA: Quirk (Nicholson, Van)

USA-Switzerland 2:1
USA: Quirk (unassisted), Quirk (unassisted)
SUI: Ruedi

Canada-USA 4:0
USA: no goals
CAN: Benoit (2), Dame, Morris

So Jukka, can you please post what goal scorers you have in comparison to the goals listed above? This way we can see if there are any discrepancies.

As for the 1939 Canada (Trail Smoke Eaters) goal scorers, I am still working on compiling the list. But this is what I know so far:

Dame -- 8 goals, 4 assists = 12 points
Benoit -- 6 goals, 3 assists = 9 points
McCreedy -- 4 goals, 3 assists = 7 points

I will post the Canada goal scorers as soon as I finish researching the archive files.
Hope this helps, Jukka.

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