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Originally Posted by eva unit zero View Post
If you simply look at statistics, there's one that stands out which I've already noted:

Roy's regular season save percentage was .875, but his playoff save percentage was .923. That difference (.048) is worth an additional ~1.2 on his GAA, and Montreal won several games by one goal, often in overtime. The 1993 Habs had RS Roy (.894) and playoff Roy (.929) for a .035 gap, adding ~1.1 to the GAA. How many overtime playoff games did Montreal win in 1993?

Also, with regards to the 100+ scoring forwards... Edmonton and Quebec were the only teams with multiple 100-point forwards in 85-86. Montreal scored exactly as many goals as Quebec did, in the same division.
I was looking more along the lines of which teams won the Cup each year.

He cites that the 89 Flames, 90 Oilers and 92 Pens were weaker teams than the Habs when in fact, they were very very strong teams and had good scoring depth and defense.

But really after Mats Naslund, who had a career year, who was Montreal relying on for scoring?

The 89 Flames had two 50 goal scorers in Mullen/Nieuwendyk. Gilmour was already in the running for the Selke at this point and chipping in great offense. Al Mac and Suter were both excellent offensive defensemen, and Macoun/McCrimmon were terrific defense defensemen. Hakan Loob was better than Montreal's next best scorer. And vernon was a pretty good goaltender, but not roy obviously.

Overall comparing those two teams, I would take the flames any day if you put a Vernon caliber goalie on the habs.

When I look at the Oilers, yes they were no longer Gretzky fueled, but only a madman would take Montreal's top 2 lines over the Oilers. Messier/Simpson/Anderson and Tikkanen/Kurri/Whoever

The 92 pens needs no explanation. I am in shock he is trying to claim the habs were better when taking goalies out of the equation.

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