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03-21-2013, 08:52 PM
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First, if ever, we are not talking about a majority here who wanted to see Avtsin on our first line...Come on, what,s the point in bringing a point that 2 or 3 people talked about....

Then...who here know FIRST HAND how great a prospect he is? People have just watched his stats in the MHL and though he was Ovechkin. He was picked in the 5th round. Timmins though that Avtsin had THE POTENTIAL to be a gem. Just like Timmins thought that Valentenko was a better Emelin. So...if a head scout can make mistake, why the heck would posters not be allowed to make some...This board sometimes.

Now, the reality of that prospect was that he had indeed the potential to be a very good offensive player....but had to work EVERYTHING else to a great degree. What he showed is that he does have indeed some great instincts. But doesn't use his body enough, isn't especially solid as far as his balance is concerned, and his defensive game is not remotely good enough. It's still not done...though, it doesn't look all that great. The idea was to indeed get him home and work on things and then see if there's a future. Though, we all know what will happen if that is the idea.

For a 4th rounder, it was a good pick. And I say that even if I was a big Gabriel Bourque fan. But to be able to get an offensively very good potential, it was worth it.

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