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03-21-2013, 09:10 PM
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Originally Posted by BaseballCoach View Post
You don't "give" Tinordi a spot, and even Emelin and Diaz have to hold their current spots as #4 and #6 by continuing to play well.

So we signed our #5 defenceman for one last year before he retires, at a reasonable cap hit. The problem is....?
Originally Posted by Kjell Dahlin View Post
I disagree with the following: ď... My problem is that, we're already done with our D's for next year 'cause people needs to know this....Bouillon has not been signed already so that the Habs are securing their #7 spot. They are actually signing him so he'd play. So unless they have other plans for a guy like Diaz....our D is set. And that's my problem. 'Cause it doesn't give Tinordi a spot. ...Ē.

Tinordi brings exactly what we need: a big and physical shutdown D. Thatís the only blatant flaw in our D squad. So, based on his solid play thus far and his rare mixture of skills and attributes, I expect him to fight his way, by outplaying Bouillon, in our top 6 during the upcoming season.

That said if during the upcoming games Tinordi clearly shows that another year in the AHL is mandatory, Bergevin has plenty of time (until April 3 and then the whole summer) to acquire a big and tough #6/#7D.

You really think 21 years old (will turn 22 during the upcoming season) Tinordi has zero chance to outplay 37 years old Bouillon (will be 38 in October) in 2013-14? I am a huge fan of Bouillon (solid signing imo) but I expect Tinordi to play 55+ NHL games next season. And if it happens, I donít expect Bouillon to pout: the guy is a consummate pro.

As BaseballCoach mentioned you donít give Tinordi a spot: he has to earn it... and I expect him to do it.
If you believe in a kid's talent, you will end up GIVING the kids a spot even if they are not outplaying a vet. 'Cause you believe in development, you actually think that if a kid is not hurting you, that he needs every time he can get to improve that will eventually pay off. Of course, you don't GIVE a spot to a guy who has no business being in. Which is obviously not what Tinordi is all about. 'Cause in the end, where the heck will you be able to evaluate that Tinordi ended up outplaying Bouillon? In camp? Where vets aren't giving them all and where you are not challenged that much? In preseason? Where vets aren't giving it all and where you are faced with most of a AHL team? Point is that Therrien LOOOOVES Bouillon. Bouillon will not be a watching from the stands if he's not hurt no matter how we think Tinordi is outplaying him. And usually, a vet will always outplay a rookie especially on D when this is actually the position when you'll prefer a steady player than a young and more risky one. Up front, it's a different story. Neither Galchenyuk or Gallagher were in danger to lose their spots based on the fact that we didn't have enough scorers and they filled the bill. But mostly because you can deal with a forward that makes mistakes based on the fact that you have some D's correcting it. But D's are different. Yes, Tinordi also has that unique trait of a big man that we don't have, that should make him a must. But in the end, what you are looking at if a stay-at-home d-man that doesn't make any mistakes. And if you are in love with Emelin, Bouillon and Gorges, it doesn't leave you enough room to OUTPLAY anybody. So I don't believe in that outplay thing. I believe in being proactive, I believe in being visionary enough that even if a young D isn't outplaying anybody, that he eventually will. So personnally, if Tinordi doesn't suddenly become a total sieve or a Tyler Myers part 2...I do GIVE him a spot. And I thought that's where we were headed.

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