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03-21-2013, 10:00 PM
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Originally Posted by gto64dr View Post
I'm going to beat this dead horse again. Tonight I'm watching the Devils/Hurricane game. The Devils just came off a horrible 3-8-1 run with Hedberg in net. Tonight Broduer is playing.

The first period the Hurricanes were pounding shots on net. The Devils defense looked horrible, worse than the Flyers usually do, and Brodeur was pulling save after save out of his butt. He literally kept his team in the game with a chance to win.

I know there is only one Brodeur, but this is why the Devils are competitive every time Brodeur is in net. That is what an elite goalie does.

The Flyers defense is no better or worse than the Devils. The difference maker is the goalie. Those of you that blame the Flyers defense and Forwards should spend some time watching the Devils. They are not a great team, they don't have some magic formula for defense. They simply have an elite goalie. This is what elite goalies do.

We thought we were getting an elite goalie with Bryz, in the two seasons we've had him we have put up with inferior goaltending and he is why the Flyers won't make the playoffs this year. If we did we wouldn't get past the first round just like last year. He was terrible in that series, luckily for us MAF was worse.
your right you are beating a dead horse, but he is NOT the reason the flyers won't make the playoffs. he is one of the few players that even remotely gives us any shot at the delusion of the playoffs we're still sweatin' it out for like crackheads. you need to spend less time watching the devils and more time watching your own team. and forget his contract for 5 seconds and just watch hockey for what it is. you'll see a lot clearer.

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