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03-21-2013, 10:18 PM
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Originally Posted by SA16 View Post
I don't even agree that we have bad depth. Our 3rd line should be very capable of scoring. With Miller and Kreider on it it has two guys who have offensive potential who can make things happen (yes, Kreider hasn't done that yet but he still has the ability to and clearly compared to other options has the best chance). Say you add in Zuccarello and now that's a pretty offensive 3rd line.

If you really want me to I can look up tomorrow other 80 pt scorers who have had stretches of only around 18 points in 30 and prove to you that it is more common than you think.

I find it funny that you guys all blame Gaborik for being inconsistent but want to add depth guys. By definition depth guys offense is inconsistent - not even to their own fault. If you're a 35-40 point player you're going to have lots of game where you provide no offense ("oh but they hit and do all sorts of other things..." doesn't matter if you don't generate offense). An inconsistent Gaborik is still more consistent than a depth player by far. Obviously he hasn't had a great year but he has been very good the last three games and you need to just wait things out and be don't make rash decisions because a proven guy is underperforming.

Additionally trading a player when they are underperforming is a horrible misallocation of resources. If you really didn't like Gaborik and wanted to trade him you should have been arguing to trade him in the offseason after his 40 goal year last year (well..let's assume he wasn't injured because that obviously effects things). Not saying anyone in particular wasn't but if you want to get rid of your top guys do it when they are playing well not when you are angry at them for not getting the job done and likely getting lowballed by other teams.

I would agree about the third line (they looked great tonight) but remind yourself who the coach is. Thats why I say theres no bottom six.

This guy thinks we're one Gaborik depth trade from being a contender.

Nash, Hagelin, Stepan and Callahan (when the latter three actually manage to score) are the only threats this team has offensively.

Still have yet to see what Gaborik yields, if hes even traded.

Im severely disappointed in Richards.

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