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Originally Posted by CHRDANHUTCH View Post
you want to kill all of hockey outside of the NHL, Killion, how would the OHL like to not exist at all, because we don't have a consensus location for a 2nd Toronto team whether it be in or outside the GTA, Prime example is Gilles Courteau trying to place teams in suburbs around Montreal, knowing full well you're going head to head w/ the Canadiens, how many Junior teams exist in the Canadiens territory, not even their top affiliate is in the province, either
Huh? I want to "kill all hockey of hockey outside of the NHL"?! Nothing could be further from the truth. That coat dont fit and Im not wearing it Mister. Fact of the matter is that Major Junior Hockey and or the AHL simply will not succeed in Montreal, Toronto or Hamilton (Major Junior would do well in Hamilton) because those markets outgrew Junior years ago & have no real serious & lasting interest in 2nd tier professional hockey. Its not top shelf, just dont bother trying to serve it up.

Major Jr. died a slow death through the 70's & 80's in Toronto, kickstarts in the 90's & OO's all failing, the franchises moved to the outskirts, and in a couple of cases even that wasnt far enough out into the sticks so they had to move yet again. The AHL Marlies only there at all because its convenient & cheap. MLSE requiring a tenant for the Ricoh Centre which they reno'd & manage, a smaller concert & event venue than the ACC, home of the long running Royal Winter Fair, a no brainer, dont matter if the Marlies have 3000 or 8000 in attendance, building more than pays the freight, and when your MLSE if it doesnt, whats a few shekels? They also provide content for LeafsTV.

Now, you know & I know HUTCH the brand of hockey played in the AHL is excellent, some fantastic & interesting players on the way up or down, smaller career types who are highly skilled etc. Major Junior, in many ways superior to the NHL altogether, a better game & experience, and no, Im not joking. You see stuff that reminds you of what the sports all about in Junior. But in Toronto or Montreal, a beyond tough sell who's days passed years ago. Out west here, different story, successful teams from Regina to Vancouver. A peculiarity of tastes, different from those in Montreal, Toronto.

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