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Originally Posted by JohnnyB11 View Post
Yes, that's what I said. And why was that? Does it even matter? No. Why?

you know the real answer why gainey used boullion to play the big minutes . you just dont wanna say it .

gainey's eye is as good as yours and mine . the reason komo and streit didint play the big minutes was because they werent good enuff(ready) to handle that type of load .
no need to start freaking out because im not bashing komo thats not what im doing .
he did improve as the season went along albeit with markov but still was only capable of play 15-16 mins a night .

you can continue to dance around the issue but thats the truth . otherwise komo or striet would have seen alot more ice and boullion wouldnt have seen 40 games out of his 67 games playing over 20 minutes with the majority over 22 to 25 mins a night .

again im not saying boullion is a bonifdie number 4 guy but he played number 4 defensemen minutes last season . right or wrong thats what gainey did . he was on pace to play over 1600 plus mins in 82 games before he got hurt .

you realise if boullion was to play only 7 more games (75) instead of his 67 and averaged his 20.48 minutes per game he would have only finished less than 110 minutes behind big sheldon souray's total ice time ...

SHELDON SOURAY 75 games -1,668:43 minutes

FRANK BOULLION 75 games -1558 .68 minutes

again you dont have to like frank boullion many here dont
he was over used i was the one screaming they were goona wear him out . over all i thought he played pretty well being thrown into that situation and thats why i respect boullion

maybe this year streit and komo are better than last and able to play more minutes .i certianly hope this will be the case . we can all assume but until they prove they can like frank boullion has it doesnt matter .

and i understand they will need to be given the chance but not at anytime were both of them komo /streit capable of logging 22-25 mins a night on a regular basis last season . not a chance !!!other wise gainey/carbo would have played komo or striet over boullion .

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