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Originally Posted by Killion View Post
Too dreadful to contemplate. Old Navajo Proverb; Coyoti is always out there, waiting, and Coyoti is always hungry. They believed the creatures to be Changelings. From temporal-physical to spectral non-sentient beings capable of great evil & malice, a creator of chaos, vengeful when even remotely slighted. Im kinda hopin thats true. Instant Karma for Gary Bettman & Bill Daly. Wake up in the middle of the night in their New York brownstones screaming. The type of horrifying scream where you scream & scream but nothing comes out yes? Looking up at a pair of baleful blood red eyes behind a set of bared & snarling 6" razor sharp canine incisors not one inch from their throats...

... so take that Mario Puzo. Godfather's & horse heads. That all you got?
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