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Originally Posted by DIBZ View Post
I really hope the Oil Kings come into this year’s playoffs playing a more rounded game, last year they flat out walked all over everybody all year(so record and stats would suggest) but when it came to the playoffs, they always took way too long to get going, LB basically stole us/kept us in most games until this team woke up. I love that the Kings seem more physical this year, We may not be able to score 6-7 goals to bail us out of some of the mistakes, but I do think we have a better team built for a long run. With that being said, I know Kootenay is no slouch, and I thought they came into last year’s playoffs on a bit of a streak too, they played us well last year, considering, on paper it should have been a complete mismatch, after a while you knew the Kings would wake up in every game, I hope they scratch that philosophy this year, and come out a lot more aggressive early in games and establish themselves.

Unfortunately this year I didn't by the playoff pass. Which sucks, but I am still hoping for a long playoff run.
Well it didn't exactly help they lost Wruck, Ewanyk was just getting going and St. Croix and Maxwell decided not to show up for games at a time. The role players and gritty players dug their heels in and carried this team. I hope people aren't expecting an automatic repeat, lots of things had to go right last year especially in the final. Peddle, Pysyk, Pelss, Rachinski all played big, big roles as the heart and soul of the team basically.

Will be interesting to see who replaces that, hopefully Samuelsson can last an entire playoff without getting suspended because they will need him. I'm also expecting a monster performance out of Ewanyk, he seems to raise his play as the intensity goes up. Wruck was one of the few noticeable bright spots in the sweep to Red Deer two years ago so I'm expecting him to play good as well. We'll see.. but they'll need guys like Ewanyk, Wruck, Lowe, Foster and Cheek to be the engine of this team when it turns into a war. Don't know how Lowe is going to respond to the intensity, sometimes he can get too fired up and gets himself in a little discipline trouble. Same goes for Samuelsson, Laxdal needs to sit those two down in particular. I'm also expecting anything St. Croix brings to be a bonus to be quite honest.

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