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Originally Posted by RustE View Post
whoopdie la dee da. why don't you add up the trades made in the last 3 years (the time that Tambo has iced the league's worst team) and see what he has done. He has a very weak team with very obvious deficiencies.. therefore, he needs to make more moves than the other GMs. do you think Pittsburg, Chicago, Anaheim are going to make alot of changes? How many moves did Montreal make since last year? 6? 7? I don't know, but I know it's a heluva lot more then Tambo. And what happened? they went from the bottom to the top in one summer.

no matter how you want to dress it up, during his tenure as Oilers' GM, Tambo has the worst record in the league (could be in the running for worse record in history), has made only minor moves, and has yet to make a single trade that has resulted in the team actually getting noticeably better.
Hence the term rebuilding and a very open stratedgy of building through the draft. The impatience and frustration is somewhat understandable but some of you have very selective memories. All #4 was saying is that Edmonton continues to be active, and Fistric and Brown were improvements in their roles (Fistric > Peckham and Brown > Hortichuk...IMO). Realistically the Oilers aren't in a great position to acquire any highend talent through trade because we lack high quality veteran assets so its either mortgage the future or stay the course and wait a little longer for our prospects to develope

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