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Originally Posted by Jacko95 View Post
Well German yes, but I live between Nürnberg and Stuttgart, so it's quit a bit up to Wiesbaden and I'm not that well into the DEL, because every game I looked on TV was really bad, so I decided to stop looking games and only go to Mannheim games every once in a while.
I have to honest (not being insulting) I have not been very impressed from I have saw so far, I think the AHL and ECHL is a bit better. I think one of the problems is the same problem we had in the states in late 80's early 90's.

The Rangers are on Free TV and The Devils are not, = more Rangers fans. Even the games outside NY market games of the week was not on on pay TV, no exposure. All that changed in the mid 90's and the NHL got bigger in US, Canada does not need that kind of help

The DEL has to get some of their games, maybe even just local team games on free TV. Kids need to see it, if they don't they kids will not become German Hockey stars in great numbers. This is a great way to compete with Soccer\Football the NHL has to compete with Baseball, NFL, NBA this is how they do it. If you have to pay extra for a game you know nothing about you never get bigger you never make hockey players. German Hockey needs to grow otherwise current German hockey fans will just Buy Game-center and never care about their local teams. How do they do it in North Europe might be worth looking into.

Hockey is a great sport for Germany, its cold weather and very rich country. Germans have a great sense of sportsmanship and fairness, they just need to see it and they need their kids to play it on ice or inline!

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