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03-22-2013, 03:48 AM
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Interesting notes from being at the games tonight.

1. There were hardly any Wisconsin fans. At all. I was shocked. I think Mankato brought more, and there were only handfuls of them.

2. College hockey is the best atmosphere in hockey, at least in my opinion. Tonight in "non rivalry" games proved it again.

3. One of the 14 people there we saw wearing Wisconsin stuff "groped" a NoDak cheerleader and was removed from two sections over from us in the third period of the NoDak/CC game.

4. A fight almost broke out between 6 drunk Sioux fans in their 30s, and a Minnesota fan in his late 50s early 60s. An usher came in. Apparently, the older dude ran and told the usher, and got called out on his ********, but it was rather tense nonetheless.

5. The eating situation there sucks between games. Everything is jammed, and we ended up at Jimmy Johns on 7th because people were EVERYWHERE.

6. This makes me hate the B1G more, because this tournament is amazing and now it's the last one with all of the big guns in.

Can't wait for tomorrow, should be solid, though seeing NoDak go out tonight just reminds me how fickle hockey can be at times and I can see the U going out tomorrow night if they don't show the **** up and put CC away early (they hardly shoot).

Time for sleep, it's almost 4am...still buzzing after those games, and one was a total blowout.

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