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03-22-2013, 04:59 AM
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Got the bounces tonight and mucked out a win. Nothing was much good about this game except getting the win. Phoenix looks about ready to throw in the towel.

The Good

Tanev - if we had drafted this player high in the first round we would be satisfied. Best player in this game

Schneider - really getting his stuff together. At the moment he is going to have to carry the team. Seemed so much more focused than earlier in the season

Raymond - made that bad turnover near the end but overall very effective. Thought he was the best player on probably our best line tonight

Ballard - skated hard and helped disrupt Phoenix breakouts. Sure a lot better than when they put Rome up on the wing

Garrison made some excellent and crucial clearance from around his net. Thought he had strong game. However, still doesn't seem in sync with any of his partners. Often seems that Garrison and whoever he is partnered with have poor spacing and mix ups in coverage. They need to get Garrison a set partner and allow them to develop some chemistry. Garrison has greatly improved during the season but I don't think you can say he has developed a very successful pairing with any other defenseman. I think he could but I don't think it's happened yet.

Bieksa - think you have to give credit for first, his trying to create offense when the team had so little going for it and second, for him playing thru injury. His leadership seems very important for this team.

The Bad

Ebbett - looked terrible on the PK. Phoenix passing it easily thru lanes he should have been shutting down. Surprising part is that he stays back in the box ( and gets no pressure on the puck) but still lets the pass get passed thru the box. I don't understand why he is on the PK. Even Gordon could do a better job. He did a better job in Chicago and could do a better job here. Every shift Ebbett was out there was a massive struggle in our own zone.

Other Points

Doan looked so much better than he did earlier in the season. However, he can not carry Yotes anywhere

Burrows (by his standards) continues to have a pretty mediocre season.

Don't think you can say Barker is playing that badly but there seems so little passion in his game. Like to see him try to assert himself more.

Nice to see Schroeder score and show some offensive flair. However, he had some major coverage issues and trouble in getting the puck out of his zone. Overall the last couple of games have been a big step forward for Schroeder but I don't think you can ignore some of the difficulties he had in his end. Got some tough match ups in this game and it is going to be tougher for Schroeder on the road. Could see that last time he was up. Still this has been a year of progress for Schroeder and he has become a much better prospect.

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