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Originally Posted by grego View Post
I don't care when people rip the CFL and say it will become irrelevent because the ratings it gets on TV continue to be solid and rising. Evidence that it is not just old people watching the game, but there are more young people tuning in.

And when teams are decent in the league they get fans without having to give away tickets unlike many other North American leagues.

The truth is the CFL to many sports fans are like when people visit dirty sites online. Many guys that claim to dislike the CFL may tune in to games when they are alone and nothing else is on, and that still gets ratings to boost the CFL.

The league is growing and doing fine so it doesn't matter when people say bad things about it or that people don't care. It is really more interesting at the core rule set than the NFL, because it really is closer to rules from rugby ( without having all the American changes that were made because they couldn't fit a proper field size in a stadium ) and other changes Americans made to the game. In many rule changes it is as often the Americans that modified the game to make it different since it evolved in both countries to make the rules of the game with it being the Canadian rules that the CFL adopted ( not that the CFL came along after the NFL changine rules to be different, an idea that NFL fanboys with no sense of history will assume )
Who cares!! The simple fact of the matter is that the NFL has better athletes. I don't give a rats ass if the CFL origins stayed truer to rugby and I doubt new fans do either. I cheer for the Esks because I live in Edmonton and I occasionally take the family (as you mentioned) because it is cheap entertainment. But the CFL game itself lacks the polish and professionalism of the NFL, to me it is like comparing the AHL to the is all pro football but the US game is better.

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