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08-05-2006, 03:06 AM
svetovy poharu
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Hello Jukka,

I have unexpectedly encountered some missing goal scoring details for 1939 WC Canada (Trail Smoke Eaters). The Canadian newspapers did not print on Sundays and I am missing the CAN-CZE 4:0 game of February 11, 1939. Jukka, perhaps you might have this info? Also, by chance, do you have the game-by-game Swiss goal scorers? I would be very interested in seeing Switzerland's scoring totals.

Other than that, here are the Canadian goal scorers from the 1939 WC in Switzerland:

Canada-Netherlands 8:0
CAN: Morris (3), Kowcinak (2), Dame, Benoit, Cronie

Canada-Poland 4:0
CAN: McCreedy (2), Dame, Kowcinak

Canada-Great Britain 4:0
CAN: Brennan, Morris, Cronie, Snowden

Canada-Czechoslovakia 2:1
CAN: Benoit, Dame
CZE: Oldrich Hurych

Canada-Germany 9:0
CAN: Dame (2), Snowden, Cronie, McCreedy, Brennan, Benoit, Kowcinak, Morris

Canada-Switzerland 7:0
CAN: Dame (2), Cronie (2), Benoit, Snowden, Brennan

Canada-Czechoslovakia 4:0
CAN: McCreedy (1), ??????????????????????????????????????

Canada-USA 4:0
CAN: Benoit (2), Dame, Morris

As for the 1939 USA goal scorers, here are the totals:

Quirk -- 9
Bogue -- 6
Van -- 3
Dondi -- 2
Maley -- 2
Nicholson -- 2
Wagnild -- 1
Saari -- 0
Leaky -- 0

Jukka, I noticed your stats have Maley with 2 goals in the game against Italy. Maley only scored one goal (plus one assist) in that game. Nicholson scored 2 goals. I have the official scoring of the USA-Italy game:

First Period:
1. USA, Quirk (Bogue), 12:00
2. USA, Nicholson (Maley), 14:00
3. USA, Maley (unassisted), 18:00

Second Period:
4. USA, Van (unassisted), 2:00

Third Period:
5. USA, Nicholson (unassisted), 13:00

Thanks again for your help, Jukka. I believe we are making progress on some of these tournament stats.

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