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Originally Posted by grego View Post
I don't disagree that to most people in Edmonton hockey will finish first right now. I am sure it will be that way for quite a bit.

Though at the same time with the way the Oil has been managed lately, if the Esks had competent management and they were top of the league you would find more people drowning their Oil woes with happiness over watching a team that actually competed every day in Edmonton, ( if such a team existed between the two )

The basic thing is it appears that the CFL has started to figure out what will keep them able to exist and that is all they need to do. They have solid and grown ratings on TSN and they get good TV deals as a result. After that if teams do well and get a 30 k average for a season they will make money in the CFL around 25 k is what most teams need to break even.

It isn't a matter of saying the CFL will get destroyed by any league. If the CFL admits fiscally that they should run responsibly and focus on the fact that they only need to get people out to 9 games plus an exhbition game for a season, it is much easier for them to remain around.

The CFL to many people is more relevant than either of the NBA or MLB has become since you are starting to have to find the more hardcore sports fans, or older fans of MLB or the Blue Jays to follow those leagues.
I'm not 100% certain that I understand what you are trying to say I will agree that the CFL is being managed much better lately, however I still do not think it ranks up there with the other sporting brands, NHL, MLB, NBA, NFL and such.

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