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03-22-2013, 06:03 AM
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Thanks for calling my team well run, but to comment on my situation...

I ended last year with about $9.6M in the bank and am projected to end the season with a slightly negative balance. So, I will have lost nearly $10M.

BUT....I have already made $6.5M in endorsements and will likely make another $2.5-3.5M.

So, by the end of the regular season I will be either even or down $1M. In the playoffs, I should be able to bring in about $1.5M per game. So, you figure one round of the playoffs and I am making at least $2-5M. If I make it to the second round, I will have a pretty good profit on the season. If I win it all, you figure 10 home games minimum, I would be up $14-15M at least, plus award money.

I am ok with this. If I have a $58M payroll, and missed my endorsements, and missed the playoffs, I should lose a lot of money. If I had a max payroll, I would need to make the second round to break even. Again, I think that is about right.

I think the way the league works is pretty close to real life, excluding certain teams like Toronto that make money no matter what. You need to pick your spots. If you go for it and miss the playoffs you will end up broke. If you never make the playoffs, you will never make money.

It would be nice if the sim linked winning with attendance, but that isn't going to happen unless a new version is released. In the meantime, winning is rewarded because you have the opportunity to make money in the playoffs. You get revenue without salaries. Each round of the playoffs should be $3-5M for a team. We also have a couple of endorsements geared particularly towards rebuilding teams.

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